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Get Quicken Customer Help on Facebook

Customer support for Quicken customers is not available on Facebook, but the company does have a Facebook Business Page or at least one that is run by its customer care unit. Nonetheless, the good news is that there are other ways you can get your customer service issue resolved and one of the best of such methods is by calling Quicken customer service phone number.

Many customers usually prefer to communicate with customer care representatives on Facebook as they believe Facebook offers more privacy for their conversations. Also, if a company provides customer support on Facebook, then it is very likely that they have a large customer support department with enough agents to even communicate with customers over the phone, by email, or by chat.

Although SeekNumber is yet to build help tools that will facilitate communication between companies and their customers on Facebook or Messenger, we are still working on it, and soon these tools would be made available to customers.

Is Customer Support through Facebook the best option?

Generally, at SeekNumber, we do not recommend trying to get customer support from companies on Twitter if you want your issues resolved. Instead, we have designed problem-specific help tools to enable us to help you sort out your problems. We have a page where you can type out your customer service problems and then if the company has a Twitter handle, you can either tweet them the direct link to the page or share it with them via DM.

You can also share this page with other customers as well. Companies tend to handle customer issues more efficiently when they know other customers are paying attention as well.

Contacting Quicken other than Twitter

Altogether, customers looking to contact Quicken customer care unit have three options to choose. Most customers usually call the Quicken customer service number at 650-250-1900, and according to other Quicken customers, this is the best way. If you want to avoid being put on hold when you make you call, you can use our SeekNumber phone.

Did you find the information given above useful? Is there anything you think we did not mention? Please do not fail to get it across to our team. We would also really appreciate it if you continue to share your experiences trying to contact customer care with us. We believe customer service should be smooth and accessible and we are here to make it so.