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Get help with you Quicken questions.
Connect with Quicken official community to get help. Also, there are other alternative ways to contact.
Quicken Help URL: https://community.quicken.com/discussions
You may call Quicken via Phone: Quicken Phone Number
Or do a Live chat with Quicken reps : Quicken Live Chat
Or Chat Live With Quickbooks (for any QuickBooks related help)

Quicken Online Help @ https://community.quicken.com/discussions

Help Desk URL https://community.quicken.com/discussions
Call-back availability NO
Help by a live human NO
Department you are Interacting with Customer Service
Hours of Help Desk 24 hours, 7 days
Best way to get help Post a Question in the forum
Help via E-mail NO
Best Phone number 650-250-1900
Others methods to reach phone or twitter or facebook
Average response rate 2-5 hours

How to Get Quicken Help

The Quicken help page is where customers who have a customer service problem need to get thier problem resolved. The page provides the potential time it would take for the problem as well as the ways through which customers can get help for their issues.

In the past 12 months, 9330 Quicken customers have recommended the help page as the best entry point for other customers who need help. If you want to get across to a Quicken customer care agent, you can call them on the phone at 650-250-1900. The online help desk is also available for customers who do not want to make the phone call.

Still, after navigating through several help topics on https://community.quicken.com/discussions, followed by a series of back and forth with a Quicken customer care representative, you may end up having to switch to email as the means of communication.

However, the problem with contacting a customer care agent via email is that wait times are relatively lengthier meaning it could take a longer time to resolve the issue. Nonetheless, most times, this option may still be better than trying to get in touch with a customer service representative on the phone.

Contacting Quicken Help Desk: other ways

The Quicken help desk is available for customers who need help. However, there are other ways you can reach the Quicken customer care unit. The three primary means of contact are via phone, web, and chat. If you want to call a customer care agent on the phone, then you should use their phone number 650-250-1900.

You can also check out our data on the phone number to get more details on contact process including the average wait time and if customers are attended to by a human being or a bot.

Do you think the information given above is inaccurate? Please let us know so we can update our data and share it with other customers.

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